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Experience You Can Count On
ColdFusion programming has been around for over ten years, longer than Microsoft Programming language asp. I have been using ColdFusion to develop dynamic content management systems since it came out in 1995. The first dynamic database driven site I created was a dining and entertainment directory, which launched in 1995.  It quickly rose in rankings in the search engines and increased number of visitors. Presently Metrodine has over 98,000 pages indexed by Google.

We serve clients mostly in the Metro Detroit area of Michigan, programming dynamic content management using ColdFusion application server. We have worked on many projects in other states remotely and have a Win2K server running IIS 5 and SQL Server, MySQL and ColdFusion MX7 Application development server for programming.

Dynamic Content Management to Keep Your Content Fresh and Compelling
Some of the application development programming in ColdFusion covers functions such as Event Calendars, Registration, Discussion Forums, Online Newsletters, eCommerce systems, dynamic content management (in ColdFusion) pages using WYSIWYG editing controls, auto dealership programs, classified ad sites, shopping carts, etc. Many of these solutions utilize re-usable code to make programming new sites more efficient.

Latest Features Give You The Edge Over Your Competition
ColdFusion MX 7 has some great new features, which benefit my customers, such as Flash Forms and a Report Builder. With the report builder, I can build efficient reports that print out in PDF or FlashPaper without having to do any ColdFusion programming. The ColdFusion Report builder provides an easy to use interface so I can develop new reports for my customers at a fraction of the cost of programming the reports manually using HTML. 

Get The Edge Today!
If you have an existing web site and would like to add functionality to your site, you have come to the right place! Sometimes, only simple navigation changes are required to integrate some snappy custom applications into your site. Email us or call us at 586-264-5632 for a free quote to have us add ColdFusion programming to your web site.



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